Our Craftsmen

We offer our clients access to the expertise of an unrivalled network of independent working craftspeople, based all over Britain. Some of them have worked closely together on our projects for decades, others are recent ‘discoveries’. All of them work to the highest standards of craftsmanship: if they didn’t, we shouldn’t work with them. So we can unreservedly recommend their products.


We closely monitor all their work for historical accuracy, and where required provide them with detailed pictorial and documentary sources and measurements to work with. And because we work directly with our craftspeople, overheads are kept to a minimum, and costs to the client are kept down.



Through our network of craftsmen, we can supply smith-made wrought iron fittings from authentic nails and hooks to hinges and locks and grates and fire-dogs of any period, meticulously copied from originals.

We can supply personal eating knives--something which almost everybody carried until the later 17th century--and other cutlery.

We can also source a huge range of replica pewter wares, from spoons and 'sawsers' to hand-washing bowls and ewers and great serving dishes.

(Some photographs courtesy of Paul Northwood and PastLincs)

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