We don't do high-tech...  We don't do bling...

We don't do wordy 'book on a wall' panels which nobody reads...

....and we definitely don't do dumbing-down, because we believe it is patronising to treat adult visitors like

young children, and young children like idiots.

BUT we can provide straightforward yet imaginative and historically accurate visitor interpretation for your house or site, at highly competitive prices.

Oxwich Castle, Glamorgan

At Oxwich Castle, Glamorgan, we helped visitors to understand the ruins with 'peopled' recreation cutaways superimposed on photographs. We also provided  a wide range of Elizabethan 'dress-up clothes' for visiting children, helping them to imagine themselves as period servants or gentlefolk.

(Photographs: Gareth Parry. Painting: Anthony Barton)

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