We don't do high-tech...  We don't do bling...

We don't do wordy 'book on a wall' panels which nobody reads...

....and we definitely don't do dumbing-down, because we believe it is patronising to treat adult visitors like

young children, and young children like idiots.

BUT we can provide straightforward yet imaginative and historically accurate visitor interpretation for your house or site, at highly competitive prices.

Walraversijde Medieval Village

At Walraversijde Medieval Village, near Ostend, Belgium, we complemented our recreated interiors with an exhibition, 'Ostend, the New Troy', commemorating the Siege of Ostend in 1601-4, a famous event in Flemish history. Because Belgian law requires all exhibition text to be in three or four languages, we strove to create a 'minimum words' display. Instead we used logos; cartoons including life-sized cut-outs; recreations as well as original artefacts, including facial-imaging the skull of an Ostend defender; and specially commissioned videos showing weapons of the period in use.

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