A Firm Foundation

We really know about historic interiors. Our recreations are firmly based on decades of specialist research and study, and the examination of original decoration and furnishings.

Here are some of Charles Kightly's qualifications and publications.


General and architectural history

Strongholds of the Realm: A History of Fortifications in Britain
( Thames and Hudson 1977.)

Lords of the City: The Lord Mayors of York and their Mansion House
( York City Council 1980 )

A Mirror of Mediaeval Wales: Gerald of Wales and his journey of 1188
( Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments 1988 )

Caernarfon Castle and the Princes of Wales
( Cadw: 1991 )

Chieftains and Princes: A Power in the Land of Wales
( Cadw: 1994 )

Barley Hall: A Day in a Medieval Town House
( Wayland 1997 )

‘The Military Finds from the Siege of Oostende 1601-4’ : in Pieters et al.: Oostende: Stadsvernieuwing en Archeologie V.I.O.E, Brussels, 2005

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