Our Craftsmen

We offer our clients access to the expertise of an unrivalled network of independent working craftspeople, based all over Britain. Some of them have worked closely together on our projects for decades, others are recent ‘discoveries’. All of them work to the highest standards of craftsmanship: if they didn’t, we shouldn’t work with them. So we can unreservedly recommend their products.


We closely monitor all their work for historical accuracy, and where required provide them with detailed pictorial and documentary sources and measurements to work with. And because we work directly with our craftspeople, overheads are kept to a minimum, and costs to the client are kept down.


Authentic historic costumes

Headed by Angela Burt, our 'costumes branch' is made up of independent and long-experienced craftspeople who are fanatical about getting things right. Dependent on the client's wishes (and budget) we can produce anything from 'period clothes'--as we prefer to call them--correct down to the last detail, made in vegetable-dyed cloths and linens and with every seam hand-sewn....

...to low-budget 'dress-up clothes' for children, made in modern materials which evoke fabrics of the appropriate period and constructed in one piece to slip on over present-day clothing.

We have reproduced clothes of almost every period and nation, from Roman and Saxon children's attire via mediaeval adult clothes and liveries to Elizabethan dresses and 17-th century dressing gowns. We have made working clothes, carefully copied from contemporary pictures, for site staff at an Industrial Revolution ironworks, and Scots 'fisher girls' : gowns for Victorian ladies and outfits for 1950s schoolchildren and 'Teddy Girls'

Our one-piece slipover 'dressing-up clothes' have included 13th-century tabards and a whole range of early Elizabethan and Victorian outfits for children, adults and site staff, from clothes for young toffs to working kit for their servants, and nightwear for everyone.

We also specialise in headgear of every period, to be worn with the appropriate costume or just on its own...even the shyest visitor will try on a hat, though they may not be so keen on a dress or doublet.

In short, we can make anything you want, literally tailored to your needs and budget. We have never yet refused a challenge...so just ask.

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