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We offer our clients access to the expertise of an unrivalled network of independent working craftspeople, based all over Britain. Some of them have worked closely together on our projects for decades, others are recent ‘discoveries’. All of them work to the highest standards of craftsmanship: if they didn’t, we shouldn’t work with them. So we can unreservedly recommend their products.


We closely monitor all their work for historical accuracy, and where required provide them with detailed pictorial and documentary sources and measurements to work with. And because we work directly with our craftspeople, overheads are kept to a minimum, and costs to the client are kept down.


Wall paintings and Painted Cloths

Colour played a hugely important part in historic interiors, and decoratively painted walls frequently adorned domestic as well as church interiors in the mediaeval, Tudor and Stuart periods. Drawing on long experience and our extensive image-library, our experienced painters can reproduce such paintings in authentic pigments and patterns.

More unusually still--in fact we believe we are the only supplier in Britain--we can also offer 'painted cloth' wall hangings. Much cheaper than tapestries, these brightly-coloured painted canvasses are very frequently recorded in household inventories of the late 15th to 17th centuries, when they were probably the most common type of wall hanging in English lesser-gentry and middle-class dwellings. But only a scant handful have survived.

Our painted-cloth artist, Anthony Barton, has made a detailed study of the techniques, materials and pigments originally used in these surviving cloths. Among those he has recently produced are an heraldic cloth proclaiming the glories of the Vaughan family of Tretower Court, and cloths at Tenby Tudor Merchant's House recording the port's links with Jasper Tudor and its appearance in about 1500.

We have also reproduced, for Walraversijde Mediaeval Village, devotional paintings directly copied from 15th-century Flemish originals.

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