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Table Settings

We have produced table settings for many clients and many periods, from grand late mediaeval at Tretower Court to 20th-century everyday at Blaenavon Ironworks. Some are purely for show, but more are meant for use, either at display meals or, for instance at Strangers' Hall, Norwich and Tenby Tudor Merchant's House, for school visitors to use with their own packed lunches.

Table settings can include some or all of the following:

  • Linen tablecloths and napkins, the quality depending on period and status. For example, a 'high table' might have fine diapered linen, while lesser folk made do with coarse linen or even hempen napkins.

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  • Tableware--plates, dishes, 'sawsers', cups and jugs--in pewter, ceramics, horn or timber, again according to period and status.
  • Glasses appropriate to the period.
  • Cutlery, including spoons in pewter, horn or timber.
  • Hand washing ewers and basins in pewter or ceramics.
  • 'Fake foods' for display settings, usually modelled and painted by Anthony Barton with the advice of eminent food historians such as Peter Brears and Ivan Day.

We are also always happy to provide notes for visitors on historic meals and table manners--much politer and more complex than many people imagine, though very different from modern customs!.


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