A Firm Foundation

We really know about historic interiors. Our recreations are firmly based on decades of specialist research and study, and the examination of original decoration and furnishings.

Here are some of Charles Kightly's qualifications and publications.


Historic Interiors and Site Guides

Recreating Mediaeval Interiors (Parts 1 and 2)
Articles in “Mediaeval Life”, Winter 1994, Spring 1995

“The Hangings About the Hall”: Wall Hangings in Late Mediaeval York
Article in “Mediaeval Life”, Autumn 1998

Barley Hall: A Guide
Barley Hall Trust, 1999

The Great Bed of Ware in the Victoria and Albert Museum
A survey of Elizabethan bed-hangings and bedclothes
[Victoria and Albert Museum report, 1999]

Walraversijde 1465: The heyday of a fishing village on the North Sea Coast
(with Marnix Pieters and A.Ervynck) Province of West Flanders, 2000

The Laird’s Table: Scottish Border food and tableware in 1629
Scottish Borders Council, 2001

“Changing yesterday’s rooms”: Welsh interior decoration before 1700
Cadw “Heritage in Wales” Magazine, Spring 2001

“Fit for a Judge”: Restoring the Judge’s Lodging, Presteigne
Heritage in Wales”, Winter 2001

Recreating Walraversijde
Article in “Mediaeval Life”, Spring 2002

The Recreation of Walraversijde: a new Historical and Archaeological Guide
Dutch and English versions: Domein Raversijde/V.I.O.E/Province of West Flanders 2004

‘Living Rooms’ :Interior Decoration in Wales 400-1960
Cadw, 2005

‘From Evidence to Physical Reconstruction: Recreating Mediaeval Walraversijde’ in Pieters et al: Fishery, Trade and Piracy: Fishermen and Fishermen’s Settlements in and around the North Sea area in the Middle Ages and Later :V.I.O.E. Brussels 2006

Guide to the Judge's Lodging, Presteigne

Blaenavon Cottage Interiors
Notes for visitors 2006, revised 2008

Recreating the Engine Row Cottages, Blaenavon
‘Heritage in Wales’

magazine, Summer 2007.

Seven Ages of Nantclwyd House [with Christopher Williams]
August 2007

Nantclwyd House Guidebook [with Christopher Williams]
September 2007

‘Interpretation, entertainment, involvement: historic site presentation c.1983-2008’
In Conservation Bulletin, English Heritage, Summer 2008








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