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We offer our clients access to the expertise of an unrivalled network of independent working craftspeople, based all over Britain. Some of them have worked closely together on our projects for decades, others are recent ‘discoveries’. All of them work to the highest standards of craftsmanship: if they didn’t, we shouldn’t work with them. So we can unreservedly recommend their products.


We closely monitor all their work for historical accuracy, and where required provide them with detailed pictorial and documentary sources and measurements to work with. And because we work directly with our craftspeople, overheads are kept to a minimum, and costs to the client are kept down.


Handcrafted timber furniture

Hand-made timber furniture is one of our longest-established and most popular products, and a vital part of our recreations of earlier interiors.

Each piece is individually made to order, using traditional methods such as pegged construction and appropriate hardwoods, often oak or elm, with ash or even yew for lathe-turned elements. 'Cleft' or 'riven' timber, which has to be prepared well in advance, is often used for the legs of working tables and for meal arks, which include no nails or ironwork. All ironwork on other pieces is smith-made.

Our craftsmen in timber, many of whom have worked on our interiors for decades, include Paul Northwood (paul.northwood@gmail.com) and John Nethercott and Co. (http://johnnethercott.co.uk) on the Welsh Borders, and Adrian Mc Curdy in Scotland (http://replicaoakfurniture.co.uk)

Without exception, every piece we produce is based on meticulous research: some are copied from existing originals, others from detailed contemporary pictures. Drawing on our extensive photo-library of original pieces, we can replicate regional types of furniture appropriate to the property, or represent furnishings described in contemporary inventories.

Following well-established mediaeval and Tudor practice, some of our furniture is painted using authentic colours, pigments and devices. We can also produce authentically upholstered furniture.

(Photos courtesy of John Nethercott; Paul Northwood; Adrian McCurdy)

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